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   WZM Award for Compassion 


WZM Award



WZM Honorable Mention presented to Jenices Barraza - Garfield High School










What Compassion means to me is caring for, or looking out for people by helping
them, and not expecting anything in return. Compassion comes from the heart. I believe
that a person must be willing to offer aid or provide advice to others without having to be
asked. I consider this the best kind of compassion. Compassion comes in forms of
physically assisting someone, or spiritually where we learn to be sympathetic for others
in order to guide them to a better state of mind. Compassion is not pity, it’s merely
kindness that can help alleviate one's pain, or struggle. I have not only shown
compassion to individuals around me, but I have received it as well. Going to church on
Sundays with my family as well as reading the Bible taught me to put others first. I show
my compassion to my peers by motivating them to apply for college. This year when I
was applying for college, I decided to encourage my friend, and brother who didn't want
to go because of their grades. In fact they didn’t consider their options out of highschool.
I showed them how to apply, and now they are both going to Cal State LA. I showed them
not because I wanted something in return, but because I genuinely care about them. I
want them to obtain a higher education.

My mom is also definitely a huge factor on how I grew to be more compassionate. I
would always see her put her kids first as well as helping out strangers. This really
inspired me to be more considerate and pay attention to my surroundings. Sometimes
people can seem less compassionate since they weren’t taught it as much, however
compassion also comes naturally which is part of being a human. Compassion is crucial
in society because compassion is emotion; it's a way of expressing our love for society.
It also shows that everyone matters, that we accept, and understand each other. Also it
is a way of saying that we are here for each other. This is what compassion means to











Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
(818) 834-5925


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