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   WZM Award for Compassion 


WZM Award



WZM Award presented to Saul Andrade - Garfield High School










Compassion in a person is someone who has human decency or someone who has a concern for others suffering. It can be referred to as a sympathetic pity, but compassion is the act of being selfless and understanding what the person next to you or across from you is gOing through and making an attempt to help them. Our Mexican minority in America was built off this term "Compassion". Ceasar Chavez who heard a cry for help from farmers who suffered from low pay, exhaustion, and horrible living conditions was willing to spend five years·of his life protesting against the unjust and unfair conditions his ethnic minority faced. Throughout these five years, he began to fast. His fast lasted up to twenty four days and it succeeded in affirming a peaceful protest. Compassion is important in our society today because it creates a chain of meaningful connections passed on from one generation to the next. Teaching people to promote these selfless acts is what makes society a greater place. It helps people understand what is morally right and it creates a domino effect from one person onto the other. In the past few years our society has fought for BlM (Black Lives Matter) and the lGBTQ community. Our society has been impacted in a way we never expected, whether it's for the good or the bad. We have come together and shown compassion for the loss of a fellow citizen George Floyd against a racial police system. We have fought against the discrimination the lGBTQ community has faced and we have celebrated the impact it has on an ever changing society. Throughout every moment in history, we as a community have suffered and risen together.

I for one believe that I am a compassionate listener. Whenever a friend or family member has a hard time coping with a situation or a lossed family member, I am there with an open ear. My approach to dealing with someone facing hardship in their life is reflective listening; letting them know that what they're telling me is being heard, but I also like to self reflect off my past if it correlates to the topic. This helps them understand that what they are currently going through or whatever predicament they are currently facing, will pass. When a person does not know how to deal or heal with a certain situation, the best thing to do is let them talk. This helps them relieve the amount of stress they feel or even the load of concern they might be having. Of course whenever in the moment, small acts of kindness show great compassion whether it's opening a door for someone, or even giving the elderly a seat, these small gestures always reflect on the type of character you are.











Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
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