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WZM Award





WZM Award presented to Angel Harter on June 4, 2019 - Frazier Park High School









My obstacles have always revolved around understanding people, and people understanding me due to my hearing problems and my speech impediment. I was unable to talk until I was 4 and was taught sign language to communicate. Due to these hearing, and in turn, comprehension issues, I thought that I would struggle with understanding people forever as well as feeling as though people would struggle to understand me. Yet, I overcame these obstacles and bettered myself from them, becoming a well spoken person. It is due to me overcoming these issues that I feel as though my obstacles have bettered me. I want to further my education to become an English major in order to help others overcome their obstacles with english. Due to the emotional basis and comprehension of how words can portray emotions, I have always been interested in English. English is based around the comprehension and how to fully understand the emotions behind the words.

My definition of compassion stems from within ourselves, out to others. Understanding and forgiving your own mistakes and faults in order to feel compassion and empathy on a wider scale is the basis of compassion. Understand that the way one reacts in a moment can provide a sense of forgiveness which will in turn allow you to empathize with the obstacles of others, as well as their mistakes. Compassion isnít just caring and helping the less fortunate in your community, itís about stepping back, understanding that some people may be unable to overcome their obstacles the same as you did. For compassion you need to absorb the fact that every person has a different story and different obstacles in their life and everyday situations.

Compassion is feeling empathetic for people who are deeply affected by their obstacles to the point of no return for a normal life. One shouldnít excuse any one's behavior due to their past, but consider that peopleís obstacles might have led to their behavior or mental instability. Some feel that people are inherently evil, however I believe that people arenít put into anything that they canít overcome, even if it takes them all of their life. Compassion isnít just caring and being empathetic for the people that are easy to be empathetic for; itís being empathetic and caring for someone who was unable to overcome their obstacles and are now controlled by it, lashing out in a variety of ways. Showing empathy for what someone is going through can give them a sense of hope that they can overcome the obstacle and move past their mistakes. Compassion, empathy and love are very completely different things to me. Compassion is the sense of forgiveness within yourself, then to grow from it and allow yourself to feel compassion for the people that most people see as unwilling to receive compassion due to their mistakes. Empathy is the sense of understanding the obstacles as well as their repercussions into peopleís lives. Finally and most importantly, learning that love and a sense of empathy due to humanity allows for compassion.

I hope to witness first hand to people overcoming their obstacles, growing from them and learning to forgive themselves and others for their mistakes. I also hope to show people that they can overcome their obstacles, just like many others and myself have and learned the meaning of compassion through helping people comprehend the emotions behind words and identifying the different levels and emotions that a person can have.



Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
(818) 834-5925


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