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   WZM Award for Compassion 


WZM Award


WZM Award presented to Luis Pierrez on May 19, 2016 - Garfield High School







Compassion in Me, Compassion in All

The situation occurs far too often, when we witness someone is dire need, but we decide to turn the other direction and continue moving forward. Caught in the cloud of dust created by competition and our selfish desires, we overlook the necessities of less fortunate individuals. Fortunately, I believe there is an unspoken action that evokes the best of humanity, combating greed and intolerance ­ Compassion.

Compassion isn’t announced nor can it be taught. I have learn how to be compassionate through my activities serving the community. As someone who has originated from a low income family, I comprehend the difficulty for families to be able to afford weekly groceries. For this reason, I had become part of a local food net where I assisted the organization provide free food to families of my community. I have felt an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction, when I have handed these groceries, then were accepted with a smile and a great sense of gratefulness. There is no better feeling than knowing that I did not turn the other direction, but instead made a difference by serving those in need. Although, it might not appear as much, this small act of compassion can make a major impact in the lives by not only providing families with economic relieve and also inspire their children to provide their own services. Through my services, I have also gain a better sense of appreciation for the few things I have. Compassion isn’t taught, but it is through these experiences in which the feeling is kindled and then sprouts into a continuous desire to continue.

Although, compassion revolves around the action of being kind, it should also encourage a person’s ability to accept other individuals regardless of their beliefs and characteristics. Today we are torn apart, not only across the oceans, but in our own home front, by people’s inability to accept different lifestyles and beliefs. If we were more compassionate, we would understand each other and search for a way to treat everyone equally. Peaceful interaction would prevail above war and violence. Compassion can be the world’s remedy to suffering and multiple things that damage humanity's good will, but we must be more open minded and helpful to others to understand his

Opportunities for compassion are all around us; each individual must take advantage of their moment and treasure the experience. I have learned compassion through my hands on services and it’s the way I encourage people to obtain theirs. Compassion also means having an open mind and a greater respect for one another’s way of being. I believe everyone is capable of these actions and it should be our basis for a better world. Compassion is in me and I believe compassion is in all.


Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
(818) 834-5925


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