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   WZM Award for Compassion 


Ruth Handy  presenting WZM  Award for Compassion


WZM Award # 3 Presented on June 8, 2006 to Jacob Jatib

The third award went to Pasadena High School graduate Jacob Jatib. His essay is as follows:





Essay by Jacob Jatib

To be a compassionate person one must understand the feelings of others. That person must understand what it feels like to be hurt. I am compassionate because I know what it feels like to be pushed around as well as experience something as devastating as losing a loved one. A compassionate person must also have the ability to listen with an open heart and have an open mind. That person really has to absorb and understand what that other person feels. I know all this because of the level of empathy I have and share. I am always open to listen to other peoples' problems and help them get through them. Altogether, there are three main parts to be a compassionate person: to understand, to listen, and to help others heal.

Because of the loss of my mom, and my dad abandoning my family when I was a child, and the recent loss of my sister, I understand what it feels like emotionally when one suffers a loss. Although it is impossible to know what this feels like to another person, one can simply try to understand what that person must be going through. Because of these life expereinces I try my best to help comfort someone who is in need, to distract their minds and help them think of other positive things.

Being understanding is only the first part, but I think listening is the most difficult part for people. Listening is a very important part in being compassionate. When someone is in pain or suffers from a problem, they want to talk about it, usually only with people they know who will listen. When I listen to people, I try to picture what they are describing in my head. Doing this allows me to create a clearer picture of what they are going through. I never interrupt them and never take sides. I focus my ears to hear through their sobs or rage. Doing this allows me to get the full message of what they are trying to express.

Helping a person to heal is the nice ending to the whole story. I always keep in mind that you can never heal the person alone, that person must have the willingness and the will to get past the pain. I will usually share with them a little about my problems just to reassure them that they are not alone. I also try to cheer up the person. When someone is healing, I want them to have fun and to try to distract the mind. The healing of the heart and mind can take a few minutes or even a few years. It just depends on the person's will and how severe the problem was. I never expect a person to mend in a short time. There is no rushing or deadline.

The three major parts to being a compassionate person are understanding, listening, and healing. These three parts are my foundation when I help people. The first time I showed someone compassion and helped them to heal I received feeling that was beyond words. When you help a person, you receive the greatest feeling of satisfaction, and you know that you made a difference in this person's life no matter how small.


Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
(818) 834-5925


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