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   WZM Award for Compassion 


Ruth Handy  presenting WZM  Award for Compassion


WZM Award # 12 Presented on June 11, 2008 to Ana Cristina Brito of Jefferson H. S.








by Ana Cristina Brito

What is compassion? Compassion means different things to different people. To me compassion is very important, in order to make our world a more happy and friendly place to live in. Compassion is one of the most important things that we as U.S. Citizen should practice to make our world a safer place for our children. Compassion mean a lot to me, because is the ability to do a kind act for someone in need. I have practice compassion to those who have less then me or are in the need of help because is extremely important to help others. I have demonstrate compassion to other because I have help my community one way or another so they can see that there is still someone out there who cares for the well been of our community and our citizen.

Outside school in my free time I have practice compassion because I have contributed back to my community because I have done community services at Wadsworth Elementary and church. By helping others, I feel as if I am making a difference in others’ life and in my own. I enjoy helping others especially in an elementary school because it brings back memories of how I used to struggle to get my work done because I never had anyone to help me with the subjects that I did not understand. I decided to help kids out for that exact reason. I wanted them to see that there is someone willing to help. In church I help during the weekends. I like serving during mass and after mass because it is my church and I attended there for my Catechism and my Confirmation.

In school I try to practice compassion because in our leadership class we have plan and participated in food drives. During thanksgiving we have can drive to take for the less fortunate and thank them something to eat. Then during Christmas we have toy drives so we take toys for those kids who has less than us. I am also a Peer College Counselor. As a Peer College Counselor I guide the student body by telling them the requirements they need as a senior in order to graduate. I have helped many senior apply for college, help them with the FAFSA and look for scholarship for them to do. By helping others, I feel as if I am making a difference in other’s life and in my own.

If we all are willing to demonstrated compassion, we all are most likely to live in a better environment and get along with one another. Demonstrating compassion is been there for those who need you the most. Anyone who gives a helping hand is because they decided to, not because they are getting something in returned. Someone who is willing to help others do it from the heart, that is part of been generous with other and is one of the best way to demonstrated compassion.

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Ruth Ratna Handy, LCSW
(818) 834-5925


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